Friday, September 26, 2008

Final Packaging for hand-carved Cake stamps. Also: pie.


Had some fun in packaging land today, and now we've got Happy Cake Stamp, Sad Cake Stamp, Grumpy Cake Stamp and Owl Cake Stamp all packaged up, listed on etsy, and ready to go.

Owl Cake Rubber Stamp Packaging Front Grumpy Cake Rubber Stamp Packaging Front Sad Cake Stamp Packaging Front happy-cake-package_0925_0001sm

I've been playing with embossing powder for a lot of the printing on the header cards. I'm liking it lots. The stuff we originally got was kind of coarse, so today we went out and got some extra fine powder. More on how that turns out later.

Unfortunately, Owl Cake Stamp was too large for the regular poly bags, and so we had to use a larger one that doesn't quite fit into the header card's width, and I had to fold it a bit. I'm going to try to find some better-fitting bags for future stamps of that size (2.5" square). Anyone know where I can get some?

Also, last night I made pie.
Mmm. Pie.

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