Friday, September 26, 2008

Our first sale(s)!

This is a big day for us sunshine cupcakers! We made our first and second etsy sales, four items sold in all!

It's a little sad for us as our babies leave the nest, but we know they're going to good homes.


Sara :) said...

hey mona and nathan! congratulations on your first sales! i've been watching the shop and i love your little guys! i'm not creepy though :)

anyway, i love your new tamps, too, and the packaging :) i'm learning linocut in my printmaking class (2nd BFA degree online AAU) and anyway, i get it now! your hand-carved stamps are very cute!

well, good luck to you, i hope to adopt some of your babies at some point :) sara

Nathan said...

Thanks so much! It's good to know we're not just talking to the atmosphere :)