Monday, September 22, 2008

Previously on "Sunshine Cupcake!"

It seems like every day there's so much to do and not enough hours in the day. We just got back from a nice weekend at the cabin and now it's back to work.

We're playing a little catch-up here on the blog so I thought I'd give a little "Previously On Sunshine Cupcake!" nibblet.

So far, we've been in Atlanta about three weeks and set up shop in the basement. We're trying to organize storage and workspaces, and we've purchased tons of supplies for carving rubber stamps and lots of Sculpey fun. Mona still works from home for her NYC company, All In The Cards (she's got a bunch of stuff that was just put out in Target's One Spot, check it out).
Mona organizing her items at Target's One Spot Mona checking out her Christmas cards at Target

So until I transfer to school in January, I'm working days exclusively on Sunshine Cupcake. Evenings we sculpt little dudes out of clay, catch up on Heroes, or play some RockBand (our band name is Sunshine Deathcake and my Xbox Live tag is Aliennate).

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Lollipop Moon said...

oooh what wonderful designs, I look forward to following your progress on Etsy.