Monday, October 6, 2008


I thought I'd post some prototypes that didn't make it to the Etsy shop for one reason or another.

This guy was my first attempt at making a little monster dude out of polymer clay. At this point I hadn't unpacked my rubber-tipped clay-shaping tools yet, so I had to make due with some crappy metal ones meant for kiln clay. I much prefer shapers like these:
The rubber-tipped scuptling tools I heart
The rubber smooths the polymer clay so much better than metal tools, which tend to tear the clay. So the detail in this guy wasn't as smooth as I would have liked. I like his design though.

Apology Cake is one of my favorites, I'm definitely going to make this guy again. I love Mona's Emoticake® designs. This guy took many hours and there are little things that aren't as smooth or neat as I'd like. The icing piping was made with liquid Sculpey I like the dimensionality it has but it didn't go on as cleanly as I wanted. Next time I'll paint it on or something. I'll have to do some tests to see what works best. I also didn't finish the bottom, so it's kind of sloppy down there. That's just ugly. Even though you wouldn't see it unless you picked it up, I still want the whole thing to be as finished and professional-looking as I can make it.

This dude's psyched. I was playing with flexible Sculpeyand he was more of a proof-of-concept test. His arms bend, but not all that easily, maybe they're too thick. I also didn't clean all the red off my fingers before making the white eyes, so he looks a bit stoned. Anyone want a stoned octopus?

I wanted to make a Fizgig tribute of basically a Mouth with teeth. Maybe some eyes. I still like the idea, but i need to work on the execution more. I tried slicing the teeth out and recessing the mouth, but it didn't quite line up the way I planned. In my mind. Where I plan.


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Sammy Pants said...

That Fizgig mouth would make a sweet button. Maybe Sunshine cupcake should sell 6 packs of buttons for all those wacky crafters out there...