Saturday, October 18, 2008

A little hanky panky...on amazon!

I blogged a while ago about my packaging design for Hanky Panky (lingerie company) being featured on Swedish Elle's website. Out of curiosity, I looked up "hanky panky" on to see if the item (a trio of thongs inside a vintage-style hat box) was for sale there. And I found it! :-) For some reason, only the purple hat box is available. There is also a lime green version somewhere out there. I have yet to see the product in a real-life store yet, but they should be out in time for holiday shopping.
Buy it through this link if you're interested, it's hooked in to our Amazon Associates ID (Amazon pays us. Yay!).
Hanky Panky Thong Trio with Vintage Hat Box Panty

The above photo doesn't show that the packaging has silver hot stamping (foil) on it.
Not much of a thong girl myself, I had never heard of Hanky Panky before our first meeting. Normally, the company I work for makes mostly handmade greeting cards, coordinating gift bags and other paper items such as magnet list pads, journals, tissue paper (the gift-wrapping kind, not the rump-wiping kind). But a friend of my bosses (I work for a small family-owned company) was hired by Hanky Panky, and he recommended us for packaging their upcoming seasonal items.
At our first meeting, Hanky Panky brought in some reference photos of bombshells like Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake and some classic Varga girl pin-ups. I was secretly delighted, because for a long time, all I drew was pin-ups. I've always had a love of vintage stuff: vintage cars, vintage design, vintage clothes, so I had a good idea of what they were looking for style-wise: a mix between art deco and classic Hollywood. Hanky Panky was quite insistent about using the colors purple and green, purple for their original style thong, and green for the low-rise version.

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