Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally Finished! Huge (39 items!) printable Totoro stationery set


Man oh man. At a certain point we had to say, "Okay stop. There's a billion things in here!" 39 to be exact. 6 PDF pages full of Totoro Goodness® . We could have gone on forever. There's so much fun stuff in the Totoro universe, it's easy to get carried away. But we wanted to get the holiday set listed before the holidays were over. Shocking concept there, eh?

The character designs are all from Miyazaki, but each illustration is original by Mona.

My favorite is the Soot Sprite Christmas Tree.

totoro set ContactSheet-001


2 Folded gift cards:
• 1 Santa Totoro
• 1 Catbus

4 Flat notecards:
• 2 Santa Totoro
• 2 Sho Totoro

9 Gift tags:
• 3 Santa Totoro
• 2 Catbus
• 2 Sho Totoro
• 1 Soot Sprites
• 1 Blue Totoro with Ocarina

24 1.5" Envelope Stickers:
• 8 Santa Totoro
• 4 Red Sho Totoro
• 2 White Sho Totoro
• 4 Green Catbus
• 4 White Catbus
• 2 Soot Sprite Christmas Tree


sugarskull said...

Rather awesome. Still hoping a catbus stamp shows up in your shop someday..

julishar said...

Mona!! This is just what I was looking for to buy you for Christmas last year!!